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Current Products


 An easily deployable coronary stent system that provides a mechanism to open up a blocked or nearly blocked coronary artery and to keep it functional by planting the stent as a support at                      the damaged region.....

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Pakistan’s first locally manufactured Rapid Exchange Balloon Catheter which is intended for use during Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) to improve myocardial blood flow in the localised stenotic                                   lesion of....

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Pakistan’s first Drug Eluting Coronary Stent System which prevents the recurrence of late stent restenosis. The drug in the mechanism is released in a controlled manner over time to not               only save the coronary artery.

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Upcoming Products


TRACKER is a sterile, single use, flexible tube designed to be used in diagnostic angiography to inject a fluorescent media into the vessels to detect any kind of blockage. It is available in various shapes for targeting different areas around the heart.

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N-Saviour is cost effective and indigenously produced ventilator for ICU and Non-ICU based settings. This ventilator supports invasive as well as non-invasive with volume and pressure-based ventilation along with 3 hour battery backup time.

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Production and Testing Machines

developed by N-ovative Health Technologies



Continuing its mission to ensure self-reliance, NHT has also indigenously developed production and testing machines for its cardiac products. Built as per international standards of quality, these machines save significant capital otherwise spent on import. These products have been developed at the NHT Research Wing and include:

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