N-ovative Health Technologies (NHT) presents REJUVENATEĀ®, an easily deployable coronary stent system that provides a mechanism to open up a blocked or nearly blocked coronary artery and to keep it functional by planting the stent as a support at the damaged region. REJUVENATEĀ® provides great tensile strength and verified vascular biomechanical properties which enable the user to function normally.

Technical Details

The Bare Metal Stent has an MP35NLT Cobalt-Chromium (major elements include cobalt, nickel, chromium) stent platform and is pre-mounted on a PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter.

Key Features
  • Low recoil

  • Superior Cobalt-Chromium alloy

  • Optimum crossing profile

  • Optimal crush resistance

  • Excellent biocompatibility

  • Optimum durability

  • Outstanding deliverability

    • - Hydrophilic coated distal shaft

    • - Superior trackability

    • - Low lesion entry profile

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