Research Projects

The prosthetics lab caters to research focusing on specific areas in biomedical sciences and engineering. The main aim is to offer innovative solutions to existing pathological problems through the design, fabrication and development of medical devices. The focal point of research in this lab converges from an interdisciplinary mix of the engineering and biological sciences. All novel ideas are streamlined into the production of prototypes that are fabricated using additive manufacturing techniques such as 3-D printing, or subtractive techniques such as Laser Cutting/Ablation. Surface modification through spin coating and electrospinning is also part of various research modules. Part of the research group also focuses on the integration of fabricated devices with sensing systems that can provide real time data about medical implants. Thus non-invasive monitoring methods that can gauge information about in-vivo changes related to the medical device can also be realized. The underlying pulse of all projects currently going on in the lab endorses the translation of research in these fields into medical devices for practical use

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